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    Buying Advice

    Buying Advice

    It is very important when buying a safe that you pick one that is best suited to you. Each safe is purpose-built, allowing each customer to get value for their money.


    When buying a safe, several factors determine your choice:

    -Purpose of the safe.

    -Property you are protecting.

    -Size of the safe.

    -Location of the safe.

    -Level of security.



    The purpose of the safe will determine if you need a fire-resistant safe, a cash-rated safe, or a combination of both.

    Fire-resistant safes: These safes have fire-retardant composite material inside the walls, which keeps the temperature low during a fire. However, their theft protection is generally low.

    Cash-rated safes: These safes are usually constructed with high-grade materials to prevent attacks. They feature re-lockers, concrete, anchor bolts, and other security features.

    (Please understand that no safe is burglar-proof; it simply buys you more time.)

    A fire-resistant safe primarily protects against fire and offers minimal theft protection. They can provide fire protection ranging from 30 minutes to 120 minutes.

    A cash-rated safe offers a higher level of protection. What does “cash-rated safe” mean? It refers to an insurable cash rating. In some cases, when ensuring your contents for home or business, the insurance accessor may require you to purchase or use a purpose-built cash-rated safe. If you are not ensuring your contents, then buying a safe provides peace of mind.

    The level of protection required depends on the property you are protecting. For example, if you are storing documents or data that need fire protection, a document/data protection cabinet made of thin gauge steel and fire-retardant material may be sufficient. However, if you are safeguarding cash, documents, or jewellery, it is recommended to purchase a safe with an appropriate cash rating and fire rating. Cash ratings can vary from $2,000 to $500,000. Generally, higher cash ratings indicate increased security and a heavier safe.

    The size of the safe is determined by its intended location and the items you plan to store inside. When considering internal measurements, it is advised to allow an extra 30-50% of space.


    The location of the safe is a crucial factor in choosing the right safe. Consider the following:

    -Is it going into a business or a home?

    -Is the driveway flat or sloped?

    -Are there any steps or stairs leading to the premises?

    -Does the supporting floor consist of a concrete slab or are the building sitting on stumps?

    -Can the floor support the weight of the safe?


    When making inquiries or choosing a safe, it is important to know that the price is determined by size, type, and rating. Purchasing a safe involves a one-time fee and offers you a level of protection at your own convenience. Unlike off-site storage options like safety deposit boxes, you have easy accessibility to your safe at home or in your business.

    We always advise and encourage customers to call us for assistance in navigating and narrowing down the options to pick the right safe for their needs. This helps you avoid overspending and ensures that you get the appropriate purpose-built safe.

    We also highly encourage and recommend visiting us in person to visually inspect the safes. Educating our customers is just as important to us.

    Our company provides in-house delivery and installation, as well as supplying both brand new and pre-used safes that have been checked by our safe experts, we offer professional safe and vault removals, please contact us and ask us about our services.


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